There are many, many things I love about my husband.  He is the sort of person that even if I hadn’t married him, he would still be one of my most favorite people ever.  One of the many things that draws us together is our shared appreciation for and love of the bizarre.  Upon arriving home from work today, he handed me this:

Surprise outside 1

Um, what now?

I flipped the strange object in my hand over. And saw this:

Surprise outside 3

Oh, a surprise! Wait, what? Maybe another side will help…

Surprise outside 2

Oh! A Chanukah surprise! Well, that makes much more… no, no, wait. It’s June. And besides, we aren’t Jewish.

But, of course, with something this tantalizing, that hardly matters.  What could possibly be inside something this awesome?

the loot


The packaging for those Corn Sticks has to be among my most favorite. Come on: “MMM! It’s onion-y good in here” = BRILLIANT.


Though I’m not really sure what a “chewy dragees” is.

Flash chewy dragees

The best part is that he found it at our local Shaws.  Today.  June 17th.  Why they are carrying Chanukah treats NOW is anybody’s guess.  But he saw it there and thought I would appreciate it (which I totally did) so he bought it and brought it home for me.  Best. Sweetie. Ever.

And here I was wondering what on earth I was going to blog about today.  Thanks sweetie!


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