1000 Idols

Today I’m going to share a project that a friend of mine is working on.  She is a super talented painter and illustrator and just generally an awesome person.  Her name is Kori and she is working on something she calls  The 1000 Idols Project.

From her artist statement:

The 1000 Idols project is my endeavor to create 1000 four by six inch watercolor paintings of idolized figures in order to examine the nature of the revered image. To idolize is to respect, praise or worship– one idolizes the Virgin Mary in one sense of the word, and Michael Jordan in another. We are obsessed with other people, real or imaginary, holy or secular, and so we collect images of them- musicians, gods, athletes, saints, family, even fictional characters. But why do we collect images of others, and what purpose does this reverence serve?

I wanted to show off a few of my favorites, but it is so hard to choose!  Turns out, they are all my favorites.  So here are a few that I just picked today for whatever reason. Cause they are ALL awesome.

0007 Miyazaki

0018 Aretha Franklin

0013 Bob Ross

Every once in a while an artist stumbles on exactly the thing they are supposed to be doing.  And Kori has done just that.  I’ve been lucky enough to peek ahead and I’m thrilled by some of the next images she has painted.  But I promised no spoilers, so you’ll just have to keep watching her site to see who/what comes next!


One response to this post.

  1. Love them all, bring some home so I can see them, Love ya Nana


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