Flea Market Finds

[Quick side note from yesterday: Thankyouthankyouthankyou to everyone who read and commented on my post yesterday!  It was so amazing to be featured on Freshly Pressed and then have all of you wonderful people respond so positively to what I’ve been up to. I really appreciate all of your comments/ideas/suggestions. I hope you stick around for more!]

I mentioned before that my husband and I recently celebrated our 4th anniversary.  As part of the celebration, we decided to drive up the beautiful Maine coast and head to the very small Canadian island of Campobello.  To get to Campobello, you go to Lubec, the eastern-most city in the United States, and just keep going.  There is a little bridge with a very nice crossing guard and then you are in Canada!  And in a whole different time zone too which is just strange.  I mean you are on one side of the bridge and it is 5:00.  On the other, it is 6:00.  It must be very confusing to live there.  Though I suppose, as with most strange things, you get used to it.

ANYwho, that was our destination.  As with any destination, part of the fun is getting there.  And we are big fans of taking our time on long car rides.  From our home, it is about a 5 hour journey.  There was just no way we were going to do it straight through.  On the way up, we stayed a night with some friends in Bangor to break up the trip.  From there, it is closer to 3 hours.  On the way back, we distracted ourselves by stopping at some of our very favorite flea markets and antique stores.  You should not be surprised to learn that I LOVE flea markets and antique stores (what is the difference between the two, you ask? About $100).  I am very lucky to have a husband who shares my fondness.  Between the two of us, we find the best stuff.  Finding awesome stuff doesn’t necessarily mean we BUY the awesome stuff.  Sometimes, just having a picture of it will satisfy my need to own the strange thing.  Like this for instance:

Lobster plate

This is one of the strangest plates I’ve ever seen in my life. At first I really thought it was a butterfly.  But then I noticed the big claws and realized I was looking at a gold lobster.  What on earth would you serve in a dish like this? Or is it purely decorative?  Either way, weird.

We found this at the Old Creamery in Ellsworth, Maine.  They have two huge floors filled with the strange and unusual.  Their collection also included this gem:

Bunny cookie jar

Personally, this makes me never want to eat a cookie again.  That thing looks waaaaaaay too likely to come alive and bite my hand off.

If you keep going down Route 1 through Ellsworth towards Bucksport, you eventually run in to the Big Chicken Barn.  It is 21,600 square feet of AWESOME.  It really used to be a chicken barn and it is now full to the brim of stuff.  The first floor is all antiques and the second floor is books and magazines.  You can get lost for days there.  It is where we found this awesome sign:

Spirituous liquors

So awesome! If only I had some place to put it (and it wasn’t silly expensive – the awesomest signs always are…).

But the best find of the day was the one we actually brought home with us.  It came from Old Stuff in Belfast, Maine.  Karna, the owner, is an old friend.  Her son went to high school with my husband.  She has a fabulous eye for the best stuff and prices things really reasonably.  She also restores and creates the most amazing lamps.  But this is what caught our eye:

mustard jar, lid closed

Isn’t he fabulous? Even better, the jar opens to reveal a little spoon for the mustard:

mustard jar, lid open

At $4, he was a total steal. And now resides quite happily in our kitchen with all the other strange and wonderful stuff we brought home from other travels.

Also, he sort of reminds me of the Prince from Katamari Damacy:

Though it is pretty clear our mustard jar came first.


2 responses to this post.

  1. The Big Chicken Barn is amazing. Carla and I have been there twice during our marathon yard sale/flea market ventures. I could spend hours with the books alone…


  2. Posted by Doctor Crankenstein on July 3, 2010 at 10:09 PM

    That Mouse/Bunny thing is freaky looking… *shivers*


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