Guy walks across America

It’s Day 3 of stop-motion animation week.  And today I want to share this amazing piece with you all.  First, the film, then the reasons it is so awesome:

Now that you have seen what I’m talking about here is why it is even cooler.  They ACTUALLY DID IT.  What I mean is that a group of guys actually got in an RV and actually drove across the US to take all those photos of the actor in all those places. For reals. They could have just filmed the guy walking on a blue screen and then added in the background later.  But they didn’t.  THEY ACTUALLY DROVE CROSS COUNTRY to do this.  And that just makes me happy.

Here is another short film about how they did what they did:

Time Lapse + Stop Motion = AWESOME.


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  1. Become memorable.


  2. hey man I like it. I’m about to write more posts and try out your ideas. After all, we always have something new to learn and being humble, I came here to learn. Bookmarked.

    – Andre


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