Objects in motion

For Day 4 of stop-motion animation week, I’d like to share some films that used a wide variety of interesting objects to animate with.  Watching these films I am always amazed at how simple the elements used to create them were.  There are few things in any of these that would take a serious commitment of money to make.  I love seeing that sort of ingenuity.  And it reflects something I think more teachers should be impressing on their students: you don’t have to have a lot of money or fancy equipment to make something really excellent.  Mostly it is time and perseverance over anything else that make an artist (or anyone else for that matter) successful.

The first film comes to us from PESfilm.  [side note: I tried to find out more about the film maker himself, but I came up totally empty other than that he is a he. Strange]  I could try to describe this first, but it is better if you just see it:

Not surprisingly, this film has gained is author much acclaim and he has gone on to direct commercials for companies like Coinstar and Smirnoff .  And it is all relatively simple.  All it took was him noticing that rubber bands and pick-up sticks sort of look like spaghetti in its cooked and uncooked state.  Awesome.  He also has made one about fireworks that I love and you should watch that one too.

This next one is all done with post-it notes:

Talk about an awesomely economical solution to animation.  I would say at the very most, he spent $20 on post-its.  And the rest is just a blank wall, a camera, and time.

This next one is all done with dice and is the music video to Fujiya & Miyagi‘s song Ankle Injuries.

That must have taken a lot of patience to do.  Simple, beautiful, totally effective.

This final one is all done with illustrations on t-shirts by two guys called Rhett and Link.

They also have a making of video that is really entertaining and shows how they managed to get everything to line up.  Like PES, this video has done some great things for their career.  They went on to make another commercial for Coke and McDonalds based on this t-shirt war idea.  That is big time awesome from something they were just messing around with.


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