About this blog:

I know.  It’s odd to call a blog “The Compost Pile” if it is not  your intention to write about gardening.  I want to use this space as a more metaphoric compost pile.  It’s a place where I can dump all my ideas and the stuff I’m doing and the bits and pieces of my life that don’t seem to fit other places.  As with a real compost pile, all of these things on their own would just rot and never really become anything else.  But when you put all the little odds and ends together into a pile and tend them and turn them over, you end up with something really rich and useful.  It becomes the starting point for new growth.

My goal is to put something here every week day (I’ve tried the everyday thing before and it was always the weekends that messed me up…).  It could be something I’m working on, an idea I liked, a book I’m reading, a thing I heard someone say, a photograph I took, or whatever other bits of lovely drift out of my imagination.  I just need a place to put it.  My hope is that all of these things will shape themselves into something greater than what I started with.

About me:

Photographer, graphic designer, book maker, hopeful writer, crafter who doesn’t want to be one of THOSE crafters, MFA student, lover of things, Mainah, vegetarian, knitter, yoga loving, co-owner of the two best cats in the world, wife, daughter, sister, friend.

For more, check out my flickr account.


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