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Jewel + Karaoke = Awesome

I love this! I love when a person of celebrity status is also a good sport.  It just makes me happy.


Gardyn and other musical mash-ups

It’s been a long and wonderful holiday weekend but I’m overheated and tired so this is going to be a relatively short post.

Mostly, I want to share this:

I stumbled on this video completely by accident and was totally blown away. The author/artist/musician, who goes by Pogo, has used this technique to mix and mash up sounds from a wide variety of other sources. But he says this about Gardyn:

Gardyn is a gift to my mother, a track made of sounds that I recorded around her garden. The track also features harmonic syllables of her voice. I shot the video myself over a number of days after a refreshing trip to New York. Gardyn marks the first time I’ve ever mixed the real world, and I hope it won’t be the last.

I love the quality of the sound and the video and the choices he made about what to mix when.  It’s just such a lovely piece.  And what a phenomenal present!

Once I started browsing his youtube channel, I discovered this (my second favorite):

Turns out Pogo also has a lot to say on the subject of copyright and remixing.  I’m delighted that Disney/Pixar has responded to him as well as it has.  Big companies have tendency to be overprotective and reactionary with regards to their work and it is delightful to see an artist be supported and not sued.  I highly recommend taking some time to browse the rest of Pogo’s work.  Much of it is available for download as an mp3 here.  Yay for creative mash-ups and not getting sued!