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Hobbes and Bacon

It is hard to describe in words exactly how happy the following two strips make me:

These strips were drawn by the incredibly talented fellas over at pants are overrated. They have started to do what I only hoped in my wildest dreams Bill Watterson would take on himself. They are breathing new life into Calvin and Hobbes.  I have to admit that C&H is one of my very favorite comics and the idea that someone might do damage to its illustrious name is a bit scary. But these two totally nailed it! This is so spot on, I can hardly breathe. All I can say is: MORE! MORE! MORE! It seems like they’d only intended to do the two strips and I just hope they pursue this a little bit further. Because it is AWESOME! Woo!


Ephemera on the web

Okay, okay, so this post is supposed to be about my fabulous weekend.  Well, that will have to wait another night.  It is too late and I’m too tired to do the whole thing justice.  So instead, I offer up another of my very favorite things: the lovely and delicious blog, BibliOdyssey.


This blog is all about the strange and wonderful bits of ephemera that have survived centuries (or sometimes just a decade or two) and collected together in a wonderful haphazard way.  This is the curio cabinet of illustration and painting.  The site boasts everything from Indian folk art to 15th century medicinal plant illustrations to caricatures from the late 1800s.  I want to continue describing the awesomeness of this site in a meaningful way, but I think a better way to do that is to just give you some more examples.  And after that, the best thing for YOU to do, dear reader, is to just pop over to the site and spend a while getting lost in the archives.  The stuff is fabulous and much of it is copyright free (though not all of it, so check carefully before you go using stuff willy nilly).

Seriously, with variety like that, what are you waiting for?  Go check it out!


There are many, many things I love about my husband.  He is the sort of person that even if I hadn’t married him, he would still be one of my most favorite people ever.  One of the many things that draws us together is our shared appreciation for and love of the bizarre.  Upon arriving home from work today, he handed me this:

Surprise outside 1

Um, what now?

I flipped the strange object in my hand over. And saw this:

Surprise outside 3

Oh, a surprise! Wait, what? Maybe another side will help…

Surprise outside 2

Oh! A Chanukah surprise! Well, that makes much more… no, no, wait. It’s June. And besides, we aren’t Jewish.

But, of course, with something this tantalizing, that hardly matters.  What could possibly be inside something this awesome?

the loot


The packaging for those Corn Sticks has to be among my most favorite. Come on: “MMM! It’s onion-y good in here” = BRILLIANT.


Though I’m not really sure what a “chewy dragees” is.

Flash chewy dragees

The best part is that he found it at our local Shaws.  Today.  June 17th.  Why they are carrying Chanukah treats NOW is anybody’s guess.  But he saw it there and thought I would appreciate it (which I totally did) so he bought it and brought it home for me.  Best. Sweetie. Ever.

And here I was wondering what on earth I was going to blog about today.  Thanks sweetie!