Hobbes and Bacon

It is hard to describe in words exactly how happy the following two strips make me:

These strips were drawn by the incredibly talented fellas over at pants are overrated. They have started to do what I only hoped in my wildest dreams Bill Watterson would take on himself. They are breathing new life into Calvin and Hobbes.  I have to admit that C&H is one of my very favorite comics and the idea that someone might do damage to its illustrious name is a bit scary. But these two totally nailed it! This is so spot on, I can hardly breathe. All I can say is: MORE! MORE! MORE! It seems like they’d only intended to do the two strips and I just hope they pursue this a little bit further. Because it is AWESOME! Woo!


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  1. Posted by CountyGrrl on June 12, 2011 at 10:24 AM

    Love this… because I am a huge fan of Calvin & Hobbes!

    Found your blog through Woolvarine’s which was found through I Am Bossy via The Pioneer Woman. And, I know Kori Michele and Peter as I used to work at MECA (a hundred years ago). I am also in love with the Callithump! art and will find the vending machines next time I’m in Orono. My partner is a PhD student there are well, so I might just send her in search of them.

    Thanks for brightening my Sunday morning.


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